What Is SCAC Code? 2024 List Lookup, Who Needs and How It Works (2024)

What is a SCAC Code?

Let's dive right into the world of trucking and logistics, where the SCAC code is a vital player. The SCAC code, or Standard Carrier Alpha Code, is a unique two to four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. It's like a secret handshake in the world of freight and logistics, a unique identifier that tells you exactly who's handling your goods.

Who Needs a SCAC Code?

Now, you might be wondering, "Who needs a SCAC code?" The answer is pretty much anyone involved in the transportation of goods. This includes freight carriers, brokers, forwarders, and even shippers. If you're in the business of moving goods from point A to point B, you're going to need a SCAC code.

For instance, let's say you're a small business owner who's just started shipping goods across state lines. You've hired a trucking company to handle your freight. When you receive your bill of lading, you'll see a SCAC code. That code is the trucking company's unique identifier, and it's how you know exactly who's handling your shipment.

SCAC Code Lists 2024

ACBLAtlantic Caribbean LineAC Line
ACLUAtlantic Container LineACL
ACSUGrieg Star ShippingGrieg Star
ADMUAdmiral Container LinesAdmiral
AIDAAsiatic Shipping ServicesAsiaTic
AKMRAlaska Marine LinesAML
AMLUAntillean Marine Shipping CorporationAntillean Marine
ANNUAustralia National LineANL
ANRMAlian?a Navega??o e LogísticaAlianca
APLUAmerican President LinesAPL
ARKUArkas Container Transport S.A.Arkas
AROFAtlantic Ro-Ro Carriers IncARRC
BANQBlue Anchor America LineBAAL
BAXUSunmarine Shipping ServicesSunmarine
BCLUBermuda Container LineBCL
BIENBien Dong Shipping CompanyBien Dong
BISUBermuda International Shipping LtdBISL
BMSUBMC Line Shipping LLCBMC Line
BNAOBrointermed Lines LimitedBT
BORUBorchard Lines LtdBorchard
BTBIBengal Tiger LineBTL
BWLEBlue World LineBW Line
BWLUBlue Water LinesBWL
CCLNCOSCO Container Lines Co (Americas)COSCO USA
CEGLCentral Gulf Lines, IncCGL
CEYPCeylon Shipping Corporation LimitedCSC
CFLDCSAL Canada States Africa LineCSAL
CHIWCompania Sud Americana de VaporesCSAV
CHNJChina Shipping Container Lines CoCSCL
CHVWSwire ShippingSwire
CLIBCompanhia Libra de NavegacaoLibra
CMCU/CAMNCrowley MaritimeCrowley
CMDUCompagnie Maritime d'Affretement Compagnie Generale MaritimeCMA CGM
CNIUCompagnia Chilena de Navigacion Interoceanica SACCNI
CPJQChinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping CompanyCHIPOLBROK
CULUChina United LinesCU Lines
DAYUDeutsche Afrika-LinienDAL
DJLUDongjin ShippingDongjin
DOLQDole Ocean Cargo ExpressDole
DSLUDelta Shipping LinesDelta
DYLTDaylight Transport LLCDaylight
ECNUEcon ShippingEconship
EGLVEvergreen LineEvergreen
ELOUMaritime Carrier Shipping Center GmbH & Co.MACS
EMKUEmkay LineEmkay
EQLIEcuadorian LineEcuadorian Line
ESPUEmirates Shipping LineEmirates
EULUEuroAfrica Shipping Lines Co. Ltd.ESL
FBIUFlorens Container ServicesFlorens
FCSKFocus TruckingFOCUS
FESOFar Eastern Shipping CompanyFESCO
FLGZFlexi-Van LeasingFlexi-Van
FLNVFrontier Liner ServicesFLS
GCIUGlobal Container InternationalGlobal
GESCGreat Eastern Shipping Inc.GES
GETUTarros S.p.a.Tarros
GILUGeest LineGeest Line
GMGOGrimaldi LinesGrimaldi Lines
GRIUGrimaldi Deep Sea S.P.A.Grimaldi
GSLUGold Star Line Ltd.GSL
HALPHartmann Project LinesHPL
HDMUHyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd.HMM
HJSCHanjin Shipping Co. Ltd.Hanjin Shipping
HLCUHapag Lloyd Container LineHapag Lloyd
HRZUHorizon LinesHorizon
HUAUHoegh AutolinersHoegh
HYDUHyde ShippingHyde Shipping
IAAUInterasia LinesInterasia
IDMCIndustrial Maritime Carriers (Intermarine)IMC
IILUIndependent Container LineICL
INOCInterocean LinesInterocean Lines
IRSUHafez Darya Arya Shipping CompanyHDSCO Line

SCAC Groups for Specific Purposes
SCAC codes aren't just random letters thrown together. They're organized into specific groups for different purposes. For example, there are SCAC codes for vessel operating common carriers (VOCCs), non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs), and freight forwarders. Each group has its own set of codes, making it easier to identify the type of carrier handling a shipment.

Imagine you're a logistics manager at a large corporation. You're juggling multiple shipments from different carriers. By looking at the SCAC codes on your bills of lading, you can quickly identify the type of carrier for each shipment. This can help streamline your operations and make your job a whole lot easier.

SCAC code list: How to find your mobile operator code

So how do you find the SCAC code for your mobile operator? The National Motor Freight Transportation Association (NMFTA) maintains a comprehensive list of all active SCAC codes. This list is accessible online and is updated regularly to ensure accuracy.

Suppose you are a freight broker and have hired a new carrier. You can compare the carrier's SCAC code with his NMFTA list to verify its legitimacy. It's a simple procedure that gives you peace of mind and protects your business.

How SCAC code automates container operations

SCAC codes are more than just identifiers. They are also powerful tools for automation. Many logistics software systems use SCAC code to automate various aspects of container operations.

Suppose you are a shipping coordinator for a large retail store. You manage hundreds of containers moving in and out of your warehouse every day. Software systems that recognize SCAC codes can automate tasks such as tracking shipments, scheduling pickups and deliveries, and even generating reports. This can save a lot of time and reduce errors.

How to track a package without SCAC code

SCAC codes are very useful, but they are not the only way to track your package. Many carriers offer online tracking systems that allow you to track your shipment using a bill of lading number, booking number, or container number.

For example, imagine you are an online retailer that ships products to customers nationwide. I don't have a SCAC code, but I need to track my package. A shipping carrier's online tracking system allows you to track your package and provide your customers with an accurate shipping estimate.

In summary, the SCAC Code for Trucking is an important tool in the world of freight and logistics. Whether you are a freight forwarder, broker, forwarder or shipper, understanding and using the SCAC Code can streamline your business and make your business much easier. increase. So the next time you see SCAC code, you'll know exactly what it means and how to use it. SCAC code:

The key to trucking efficiency

A trucking SCAC code is more than just a unique identifier. This is key to efficiency as it helps automate operations, streamline processes and ensure accuracy in the fast-paced world of freight and logistics. Whether you're a small business owner shipping your first pallet, a logistics manager using multiple carriers, or a freight broker screening new carriers, understanding the SCAC Code will help you compete. can increase power.

SCAC code: Tools for transparency and trust

In an industry where trust is paramount, the Trucking SCAC Code serves as a transparency tool. This allows shippers to verify the legitimacy of carriers, provides clear lines of responsibility, and helps build trust in business relationships. So the next time you see SCAC code, remember that it's not just a string. It is a symbol of trust and transparency in the world of freight forwarding and logistics.

SCAC Code: A Gateway to the Future of Logistics

As the logistics industry continues to evolve, the SCAC code for trucking remains a constant, providing a reliable framework for identification, automation, and trust. It's a gateway to the future of logistics, a tool that will continue to play a vital role as the industry embraces new technologies and faces new challenges. So, whether you're a seasoned logistics professional or a newcomer to the industry, understanding the SCAC code for trucking is a must.

In the end, the SCAC code for trucking is more than just a code. It's a language, a tool, a symbol, and a gateway. It's a vital part of the logistics industry, and understanding it is key to success in the world of freight and logistics. So, embrace the SCAC code, learn its language, and let it guide you on your journey through the fascinating world of trucking and logistics.

Is a SCAC Code Mandatory?

Yes, a SCAC code is mandatory for companies involved in the transportation of goods, especially when dealing with international shipments and customs documentation. It serves as a unique identifier for each transportation company.

How Do I Find My SCAC Code?

You can find your SCAC code by referring to the official list maintained by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). It's also typically listed on your bill of lading or other shipping documents.

Is a SCAC Code Mandatory?

Indeed, a SCAC code is a requirement for companies involved in the transportation of goods. It's particularly important for international shipments and customs documentation, serving as a unique identifier for each transportation company.

How Do I Find My SCAC Code?

Your SCAC code can be found by checking the official list maintained by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). It's also usually listed on your bill of lading or other shipping documents.

What is a SCAC Code?

The SCAC code, or Standard Carrier Alpha Code, is a unique identifier, composed of two to four letters, used to identify transportation companies. It's an essential tool in the freight and logistics industry.

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What Is SCAC Code? 2024 List Lookup, Who Needs and How It Works (2024)
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