SCAC Code List 2023 & What is a Standard Carrier Alpha Code? (2024)

SCAC Code List 2023 & What is a Standard Carrier Alpha Code? (1)

The world of freight shipping is far from simple and easy in the very beginning. If goods travel across borders with no trace left behind, or, if air/ocean carriers are doing business all over the world without identifiable information, the whole industry will only be more disorderly. For facilitation, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has introduced SCAC Codes, enabling the building of a database of carrier information.

In this guide, we will reveal everything you need to know about the SCAC Code. And at the end of it, we will also put a list of the most commonly used SCAC Codes for your lookup.

  1. 1. What is the SCAC Code?
  2. 2. Why Do You Need a SCAC Code?
    1. 2.1 Using SCAC Codes to Identify Carriers
    2. 2.2 SCAC Codes Are an Essential Part in Shipping Documentation
    3. 2.3 SCAC Codes Play a Big Role in Getting Shipment Updates
    4. 2.4 SCAC Codes Remain Necessary When Importing to/through the US
  3. 3. When to Use SCAC Codes?
  4. 4. How to Maintain or Renew SCAC Codes?
  5. 5. Conclusions
  6. 6. List of Commonly Used SCAC Codes for Your Lookup

1. What is the SCAC Code?

SCAC refers to Standard Carrier Alpha Code, a unique code with two-to-four letters. It is issued by National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). SCAC codes are generally used to identify carriers and track international shipments. Besides, it is required by the US CBP that importers need to submit the correct SCAC code when filling AMS or ISF.

National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) is a private organization in the US with the mission of developing the shipping industry by offering comprehensive information. It creates the SCAC code to digitalize the data and records. And SCAS codes have been so popularized over the years that carriers without one will run into obstacles when engaging in global trade. Air/sea carriers need to register with NMFTA first, and then apply for a new SCAC code on the official website of NMFTA.

2. Why Do You Need a SCAC Code?

2.1 Using SCAC Codes to Identify Carriers

The initial purpose of minting SCAC Codes has been to find a practical way to identify carriers. The SCAC Code digitizes their information, which can be stored and accessed in computer systems. Carriers, or more specifically, transportation companies (including freight forwarders) with the intention of providing transportation services to/through the US cannot do it without SCAC Codes because they have to verify their identification to the US customs under request.They have to apply for SCAC Codes and renew them regularly. So the process of transporting international shipments will be less troublesome.

2.2 SCAC Codes Are an Essential Part in Shipping Documentation

Shippers will refer to SCAC when they prepare shipping documents. The Bill of Lading, Packing List, Shipment Invoice, Purchase Order, customs documents, inventory documents, and payment documents, all these above needs to include SCAC Codes. So when goods cross the borders, customs authorities can identify the carrier from the documentation. And shippers will know the specific carrier that handles the goods. The application of SCAC eliminates the hassle of managing various paper documents.

2.3 SCAC Codes Play a Big Role in Getting Shipment Updates

The SCAC Code is part of Bill of Lading, which serves as the digital footprint of transportation of goods. With SCAC Codes, it is possible to check the updated status of their shipment online.

2.4 SCAC Codes Remain Necessary When Importing to/through the US

Goods arriving or passing through the US are required to file AMS and ISF prior to the vessel's departure. And the SCAC Code is an indispensable part of the AMS/ISF filing requirement. So the US customs authorities are allowed to regulate and supervise the activities of carriers.

But the application of SCAC is not limited to US-bound shipments. If the goods have to pass through US Customs, this is where SCAC Codes come in, too. For example, when the goods head for Canada, it is possible that the shipment has been routed through the USA. Prepare yourself for the AMS and ISF filing in this scenario. You will see the relationship between the SCAC Code and AMS/ISF in the next part.

3. When to Use SCAC Codes?

● The US Customs Border Protection (CBP)

The US Customs Border Protection (CBP) is a customs authority in charge of examining and checking all the products imported into the US to control the potential threats and guard the safety of the USA. CBP has imposed a set of rules carriers need to abide by in order to get a smooth importing. And carriers crossing the border into the US are required to have a SCAC in order to identify themselves to CBP.

● The Automated Manifest System (AMS) and the Import Security Filing (ISF)

AMS and ISF cannot be left out when mentioning CBP. Let us start with AMS first. AMS refers to Automated Manifest System, a computer system introduced by CBP to not only increase the efficiency in importing into the US, but also help the US customs inspect imports. It will provide CBP with the required shipping information before the arrival of goods. The US customs will check to see if there is any discrepancy. The SCAC Code is a must in the AMS filing process. And it will be used for the subsequent customs clearance.

AMS is used for all air and sea shipments. Carriers or freight forwarders need to input information into AMS 48 hours earlier than the vessel/airplane's departure and ensure that all the AMS requirements are met. Or they will be confronted with hefty fines and delays.

And ISF, on the other hand, stands for Import Security Filing. It is an import requirement set by US customs. Only ocean shipments are required ISF. Likewise, carriers or freight forwarders need to comply with it by submitting all the needed cargo information online to the US customs 48 hours prior to the departure of the vessel. So CBP can have access to all the required shipment details and importer/supplier information through ISF, allowing it to determine whether the imports are in compliance. Again, the SCAC Code is necessary when filing an ISF, too.

4. How to Maintain or Renew SCAC Codes?

Maintaining a valid SCAC is important for air/sea carriers. So remember to renew it annually via the official website of NMFTA or its email address of, or chances are that your SCAC will be reassigned. After you complete the renewal, you will get a confirmation letter. The electronic copy of it should be sent to CBP via fax or email so the renewed code will be entered into the system of CBP.

5. Conclusions

The SCAC Code really improves the management of the supply chain. Computerized information reduces errors to a minimum and improves efficiency greatly. Without SCAC Codes, the long-used identification number, the current situation will be full of confusion.

For carriers, obtaining and maintaining SCAC Codes can demonstrate a level of credibility to some extent, accompanied by recognition from their peers. Viewing the NMFTA website, registering with NMFTA, completing the application form, and paying the applicable fees, so you can have a valid SCAC. If your SCAC Code expires, it won't be recognized. Renewal efforts should be made without delay. Or even financial losses would incur.

6. List of Commonly Used SCAC Codes for Your Lookup

Below we will put a list of the most widely used SCAC Codes for your reference.

SCAC Code Carrier Name Carrier Name (Abbr.)
ACBL Atlantic Caribbean Line AC Line
ACLU Atlantic Container Line ACL
ACSU Grieg Star Shipping Grieg Star
ADMU Admiral Container Lines Admiral
AIDA Asiatic Shipping Services AsiaTic
AKMR Alaska Marine Lines AML
AMLU Antillean Marine Shipping Corporation Antillean Marine
ANNU Australia National Line ANL
ANRM Alian?a Navega??o e Logística Alianca
APLU American President Lines APL
ARKU Arkas Container Transport S.A. Arkas
AROF Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers Inc ARRC
BANQ Blue Anchor America Line BAAL
BAXU Sunmarine Shipping Services Sunmarine
BCLU Bermuda Container Line BCL
BIEN Bien Dong Shipping Company Bien Dong
BISU Bermuda International Shipping Ltd BISL
BMSU BMC Line Shipping LLC BMC Line
BNAO Brointermed Lines Limited BT
BORU Borchard Lines Ltd Borchard
BTBI Bengal Tiger Line BTL
BWLE Blue World Line BW Line
BWLU Blue Water Lines BWL
CCLN COSCO Container Lines Co (Americas) COSCO USA
CEGL Central Gulf Lines, Inc CGL
CEYP Ceylon Shipping Corporation Limited CSC
CFLD CSAL Canada States Africa Line CSAL
CHIW Compania Sud Americana de Vapores CSAV
CHNJ China Shipping Container Lines Co CSCL
CHVW Swire Shipping Swire
CKLU CK Line CK Line
CLIB Companhia Libra de Navegacao Libra
CMCU/CAMN Crowley Maritime Crowley
CMDU Compagnie Maritime d'Affretement Compagnie Generale Maritime CMA CGM
CNIU Compagnia Chilena de Navigacion Interoceanica SA CCNI
COSU COSCO Container Lines COSCO
CPJQ Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company CHIPOLBROK
CSFU Containerships Containerships
CULU China United Lines CU Lines
DAAE Delmas Delmas
DAYU Deutsche Afrika-Linien DAL
DJLU Dongjin Shipping Dongjin
DOLQ Dole Ocean Cargo Express Dole
DPHS Delphis Delphis
DSLU Delta Shipping Lines Delta
DVRU Delmas Delmas
DYLT Daylight Transport LLC Daylight
ECNU Econ Shipping Econship
ECUI ECU Worldwide ECU
EGLV Evergreen Line Evergreen
EIMU/EIMW Eimskip Eimskip
ELOU Maritime Carrier Shipping Center GmbH & Co. MACS
EMKU Emkay Line Emkay
EQLI Ecuadorian Line Ecuadorian Line
ESPU Emirates Shipping Line Emirates
EUCU Eucon Eucon
EUKO Eukor Eukor
EULU EuroAfrica Shipping Lines Co. Ltd. ESL
FBIU Florens Container Services Florens
FCOM Fednav Fednav
FCSK Focus Trucking FOCUS
FESO Far Eastern Shipping Company FESCO
FLFU Finnlines Finnlines
FLGZ Flexi-Van Leasing Flexi-Van
FLNV Frontier Liner Services FLS
GCIU Global Container International Global
GESC Great Eastern Shipping Inc. GES
GETU Tarros S.p.a. Tarros
GFAL Galborg GAL
GILU Geest Line Geest Line
GMGO Grimaldi Lines Grimaldi Lines
GRIU Grimaldi Deep Sea S.P.A. Grimaldi
GSLU Gold Star Line Ltd. GSL
HALP Hartmann Project Lines HPL
HDMU Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. HMM
HJSC Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. Hanjin Shipping
HLCU Hapag Lloyd Container Line Hapag Lloyd
HRZU Horizon Lines Horizon
HUAU Hoegh Autoliners Hoegh
HYDU Hyde Shipping Hyde Shipping
IAAU Interasia Lines Interasia
IDMC Industrial Maritime Carriers (Intermarine) IMC
IILU Independent Container Line ICL
INOC Interocean Lines Interocean Lines
IRSU Hafez Darya Arya Shipping Company HDSCO Line
KHNN Kuehne+Nagel KN
KKCL Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd. Kambara
KKLU Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. K Line
KMTU Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. KMTC
KOSL King Ocean Services King Ocean
LGLT Liberty Global Logistics, LLC LGL
LMCU Linea Messina Linea Messina
MAEU Maersk Line Maersk
MATS Matson, Inc Matson
MCCQ MCC Transport Pte. Ltd. MCC
MELL Mariana Express Lines Ltd MELL
MFTU Marfret Compagnie Maritime Marfret
MGSU Marguisa Shipping Lines Marguisa
MISC Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad MISC
MOLU Mitsui O.S.K. Lines MOL
MRTU Meratus Line Meratus
MRUB Maruba Maruba
MSCU Mediterranean Shipping Company MSC
MXCU Maxicon Container Line MCL
NIDU Nile Dutch Africa Line NDS
NMBG Navigation Maritime Bulgare Bulcon
NODA Nordana Line Nordana
NOSU Neptune Shipping Line Neptune
NSAU Bahri/National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia Bahri
NSLU CSAV Norasia CSAV Norasia
NSRU Namsung Shipping Co., Ltd. Namsung
NYKS Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha Line NYK Line
ONEY Ocean Network Express ONE
OOLU Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. OOCL
OPDU Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei OPDR
OSTI Orient Star Transport International Ltd Orient Star
PALU Pan Asia Logistics India Pvt Ltd Pan Asia Line
PCIU Pacific International Lines PIL
PCLU Pan Continental Shipping Co., Ltd. PanCon
PDLU Neptune Pacific Direct Line NPDL
PLLU Polynesia Line PL
PMLU Perma Shipping Line Perma
POBU Pan Ocean Co Ltd Pan Ocean
PSCU Dong Young Shipping Dong Young
PSHI Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines Pasha Hawaii
QNLU Qatar Navigation Lines QNL
RCKI Rickmers Linie Rickmers Line
REGU Regional Container Lines RCL
SAFM Safmarine Safmarine
SCIU Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. SCI
SCYE Siem Car Carriers AS SIEM
SEFN SeaFreight Line SeaFreight
SHKK DB Schenker DB Schenker
SHKU Sea Hawk Lines SHAL
SHPT Shipco Transport Shipco
SIKU Samudera Shipping Line Ltd Samudera
SJKU Sarjak Container Lines Sarjak
SKII Samskip, Inc. Samskip
SKLU Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd Sinokor
SLAQ Sallaum Lines Sallaum
SMLM SM Line Corporation SML
SMLU Seaboard Marine Ltd. Seaboard Marine
SNTU Stolt Tank Containers STC
SPNU Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines SPIL
STRU TOTE Maritime (Sea Star Line) TOTE Maritime
SUDU Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft A/S & Co. KG Hamburg Sud
THZS Thorco Shipping Thorco
TLXU Trans Asia Shipping Line Trans Asia
TOHO TOHO Shipping Co., Ltd TOHO
TRKU Turkon Line Inc Turkon
TRNH Trinity Shipping Line Trinity
TSGL Tropical Shipping Tropical
TSTU T. S. Lines TSL
TVSU Transvision Shipping Line Transvision
UALC Universal Africa Lines UAL
UASC United Arab Shipping Company (S.A.G.) UASC
UBCU Great White Fleet GWF
UFEE Unifeeder Unifeeder
UFSB United Feeder Services UFS
VDBU Van den Ban Autobanden B.V. Van den Ban
VDDR Van Donge & de Roo D&R
WDLS World Logistics Service (USA) Inc WLS
WECU West European Container Lines WEC
WLWH Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics WWL
WWSU Westwood Shipping Lines Westwood
XCLS X-Press Container Line XCL
YMLU Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. YML
ZIMU ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. ZIM
11DX Cheng Lie Navigation Co., Ltd CNC Line
11QU Heung-A Shipping Co., Ltd. Heung-A
11WJ Jin Jiang Shipping SHJJ
12IH Sinotrans Container Lines Co., Ltd Sinotrans
12PD SITC Container Lines Co., LTD SITC
13CQ Minsheng Ocean Shipping Minsheng
22AA Wan Hai Lines WHL
32GG Taicang Container Lines Taicang
32GH Nirint Shipping Lines Nirint Shipping
SCAC Code List 2023 & What is a Standard Carrier Alpha Code? (2024)
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