15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (2024)

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (1)

February 2, 2023

Molly Willows

Tulsa, Oklahoma may be known for Southern hospitality, cowboy boots, and iced tea, but this Southern city is sweet in more ways than one.

And no, we’re not talking about their collection of art-deco architecture, although that is pretty sweet.

We’re talking about the best thrift stores Tulsa has to offer so that you can wrangle in a great deal and an envious new-to-you look.

To make the most of thrift shopping in Tulsa, read our thrift shopping tips, or watch our video below, to maximize your own Okla-homegrown style.

Scroll to the end to see why thrifting Tulsa is not only good for your fashion and your wallet, but good for the planet, too.

The Best Thrift Stores In Tulsa

  • Vintage Stock Tulsa
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Animal Aid of Tulsa Thrift Store
  • Turning Point Thrift Store
  • Home Accents Vintage to Modern
  • Forty Year Vintage
  • Paula’s Treasures
  • Next Generations Antique Mall
  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • Johnny Crazy Deals Tulsa
  • Assistance League Tulsa Bargains Thrift Store
  • The Vintage Phoenix Marketplace
  • JADE Antique and Vintage Boutiques
  • Prime Thrift Stores

1. Vintage Stock Tulsa

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (2)

About Vintage Stock Tulsa

If pop culture à la video games, movies, and toys is your bag, then Vintage Stock Tulsa is not to be missed.

As one of the most popular value thrift stores Tulsa boasts they sell everything from DVDs, books, collectibles (think: Luigi plushies to Demon Slayer Decora mini figurines), and more.

The store also rents out items, so if you’re not sure Nightmare on Elm Street 2 will hold up, you can “try before you buy”.

If you do love it, Vintage Stock Tulsa will subtract the rental fee from the purchase price, sweetening the secondhand score even more.

Location: Village At Woodland Hills

2. Love Me Two Times

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (3)

About Love Me Two Times Tulsa Vintage Store

Love Me Two Times Tulsa will make you fall head over heels with the Tulsa vintage thrifting scene.

They only stock items from before the 2000s, so there is always a fantastic cast of rotating vintage gems to peruse.

With groovy second hand finds like ceramic jaguars (yes, really!), snag a funky dress, set of backstreet boy’s shot glasses, or random cat statue that represents the best and brightest thrift stores Tulsa has to show off.

Location: Lewiston Gardens

3. Animal AID of Tulsa Thrift Store

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (4)

About Animal Aid of Tulsa Thrift Store

Sure, thrifting is a conscious contribution to our otherwise less than conscious consumer mindset, but why not try to double your impact?

Animal Aid of Tulsa can help you do that.

This is one of the most eclectic thrift stores Tulsa has. With everything from ceramic Japanese pendants, vintage sweaters, and full dining room sets (home makeover, anyone?), Animal Aid of Tulsa Thrift Store is the place to upgrade your life, sustainably speaking.

But that’s not all this thrift store has to offer.

Most of their profits go to pay vet bills at the local animal shelter, Animal Aid of Tulsa. So if you can’t resist cute dogs on Insta should be sure to make a stop here.

Help a furry friend in need while getting in some retail therapy? Yes, please!

Location: Moeller Heights

4. Turning Point

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (5)

About Turning Point Clothing Thrift Store in Tulsa

Looking for great clothing thrift stores in Tulsa? We can certainly point you in the right direction with this shop.

With a rotating selection of sales each week ranging from summery shirts to snuggly sweaters, the most intense penny-pinchers among us will find a new deal at Turning Point Thrift Store.

There’s a little something here for every shopper, and Turning Point Thrift Store should make the list for anyone going on a vintage shopping spree in Tulsa.

Location: East Tulsa | Cherokee Village

5. Home Accents Vintage To Modern

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (6)

About Home Accents Vintage To Modern Tulsa Thrifting

If you have a terrible houseplant and thrifting addiction and want to feed that addiction, then we suggest you head straight to the next thrift shop.

One of the greenest thrift stores in Tulsa, Home Accents Vintage to Modern, carries plants, furniture, decor, and…did we mention, plants? All so that you can decorate your home in whatever flowery way you’d like while using all second hand items.

If you buy a plant and a pot, the staff at Home Accents Vintage to Modern will go the extra mile and plant your purchase for you.

Looks like you won’t be cutting down on your houseplant collection anytime soon!

Location: Moeller Heights

6. Gardner’s Used Books & Music Inc.

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (7)

About Gardner’s Used Books & Music Inc. in Tulsa

If you’re a reader, or an aspiring one (New Year’s resolution? We’ve all been there), Gardner’s Used Books & Music Inc. is the place for you.

Gardner’s Used Books & Music Inc. not only hosts an incredible collection of books, movies, and comics, but it’s also the largest used bookstore Tulsa has to offer.

You can finally sell those dusty books under your bed, and that dusty tote bag they’re hiding in.

Gardner’s Used Books & Music Inc. doesn’t just accept books and comics: they will also buy your used canvas bags (as long as they are in good condition) in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.

Location: Southeast Tulsa

7. Forty Year Vintage

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (8)

About Forty Year Vintage Tulsa Thrift Store

Although thrifting in Tulsa is a past-time like no other, finding items from a specific time period can be touch and go.

That is unless you visit Forty Year Vintage.

What’s old is new again, and if you’re a fan of the Grand Millennial style, Forty Year Vintage’s range is drool-worthy.

They stock items from the 1950s to the 1990s, with strong mid-century modern vibes—so if you’re missing your grandma’s floral couch from say, 1968, check out this spot.

With one of the largest grandparent-approved collections of consignment furniture in Tulsa, you’re sure to find a piece of memorabilia to lounge in.

Location: Mid Tulsa

8. About Paula’s Treasures

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (9)

About Paula’s Treasures Thrift Stores in Tulsa

If regular thrifting bores you, pop over to Paula’s Treasures.

One of the most interesting Tulsa vintage stores, Paula’s Treasures mixes up the traditional model of thrifting by swapping out one store for over 60 different booths.

Want to show off your love for sustainability in your style?

Many of the booths boast gorgeous clothing and jewelry collections for all sustainably-minded shoppers. Like a pair of wooden plant earrings that would make any Earth-lover do a double take.

From useful to kooky, Paula’s Treasures will no doubt spice up your secondhand shopping in Tulsa.

Location: East Tulsa

9. Next Generation Antique Mall

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (10)

About Next Generation Antique & Vintage Thrift Store Tulsa

If variety is the spice of life (and thrift shopping), then this Tulsa vintage market certainly has it.

With over 10,000 square feet of store space and over 80 vendors supplying one-of-a-kind second hand Tulsa finds, Next Generation Antique Mall will bring you a taste of everything; and they also have their eye on the future.

In an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Next Generation Antique Mall only uses old plastic shopping bags so you can take home your vintage pieces in a more sustainable fashion.

Or better yet, bring your own tote bag.

Location: Mid Tulsa

10. About Uptown Cheapskate

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (11)

About Uptown Cheapskate Secondhand Store Tulsa

There are a lot of thrift stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma that make our sustainable hearts sing; but not many make a point of paying you for your used clothes, shoes, or jewelry.

If having a little extra cash is something you’d like (which, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like that?) trade in your gently used shoes, shirts, and swanky accessories for cash back at Uptown Cheapskate.

The clothing that Uptown Cheapskate doesn’t buy gets donated on your behalf.

By shopping at Uptown Cheapskate, you’ll be helping the planet and putting a little money in your pocket at the same time.

Not a local?

Not to worry; you might be able to find another one of Uptown Cheapskate’s many stores near you.

Location: Burning Tree

11. About Johnny Crazy Deals Tulsa

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (12)

About Johnny Crazy Deals Value Thrift Store in Tulsa

One of the best thrift stores in Tulsa, Johnny Crazy Deals Tulsa arguably offers some of the most competitive prices for furniture and decor in Oklahoma.

They also offer a unique service: Johnny Crazy Deals Tulsa delivers to select locations so you won’t have to worry about fitting that perfect armchair into the back of your Prius hybrid.

Stop by for a selection of decorations and used furniture, and you’ll be shocked by the ridiculously priced deals.

Location: East Tulsa

12. Assistance League Tulsa Bargains Thrift Store

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (13)

About Assistance League Bargains Secondhand Store in Tulsa

Thrift shopping in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a pastime pleasure for all treasure hunters—but when your dollar goes to a good cause at the same time?

What can be better than that?

Assistance League Tulsa Bargains Thrift Store ticks both boxes, making your money go farther than simply buying a cute new outfit.

Profits from the store go towards Operation School Bell®, a charity that helps give Tulsa children clean, new clothing and shoes for school. Anything they can’t sell at Bargains Thrift Shop is eligible for their Waste Not Program, which distributes items to other non-profits in the Tulsa area.

You can stop by Assistance League Tulsa Bargains Thrift Store for a worthwhile trip and a charity donation all rolled into one.

Location: Highland Park

13. About The Vintage Phoenix Marketplace

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (14)

About The Vintage Phoenix Marketplace

“Not your grandmother’s antique vendor mall”, The Vintage Phoenix Marketplace thrift store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is the place for inclusive thrifted fashion.

Not to mention an extensive collection of antique to modern furniture and “hands down the best record collection ever”.

As a ministry-focused and community-driven store, they don’t discriminate, meaning you’ll find sizes XS – 3X and all styles to suit all genders.

They also work to support small, women-owned and businesses that support families in any way they can.

Not into shopping in person?

The Vintage Phoenix Marketplace also has the option to buy online so you can scratch the shopping itch while maintaining your introversion in peace.

Location: Broken Arrow

14. About Jade Antique & Vintage Boutiques

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (15)

About JADE Antique and Vintage Boutiques

Feeling a bit down?

Don’t because JADE Antique and Vintage Boutiques is a thrift store in Broken Arrow that stocks a range of smile-inducing wares.

From decor, clothing, and furniture to a wide variety of seasonally based special items.

They not only love thrifting, but they adore philanthropy, too. They partner with Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue, Street Cats of Tulsa, and the Broken Arrow Senior Center, to name a few.

Check out JADE Antique and Vintage Boutiques, and you’ll be unjaded in no time.

Location: Broken Arrow

15. Prime Thrift Store

15 Thrift Stores In Tulsa Promising To Blow You Away (16)

About Prime Thrift Store in Tulsa

If you’re looking for a thrift store to frequent on a weekly basis that offers great deals, you can’t go wrong here.

Prime Thrift Store is a second hand thrift store in Tulsa that will save you money while keeping your style fresh.

Featuring specials (like Super Saver Sunday and Senior Citizens Day) almost every day of the week, you can’t help but score a deal, any time, any day.

Prime Thrift Stores also partners with multiple charity organizations such as the AMVETS Foundation which supports American Veterans, along with local emergency services, medical facilities, and more.

Location: Fulton

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Why go Thrifting in Tulsa?

Tulsa may have been known as the Oil Capital of the World, but that doesn’t mean a leopard can’t change its spots.

The city is working to fight climate change and textile waste. In addition to the Green Fleet Initiatives, Tulsans who recycle, donate, or reuse their old textiles help to ease the burden of solid waste in Oklahoma while getting a second life out of items they’ve already purchased.

For the last number of years, Tulsa has offered a bi-weekly curbside recycling pickup for an extra two dollars on Tulsans’ utility bills. And residents are taking advantage with an uptick of 29 percent (circa 2009).

And the best quality thrift stores Tulsa boasts can help you avoid fast fashion altogether while embracing the sustainable (and stylish!) philosophy of slow fashion.

Besides, curbing waste by thrifting is good for the planet and good for your sustainable wallet, too.

Not a local?

Not to worry. Some have online shops and if you’re looking to recycle clothes for money, there are other platforms to sell clothes online.

Final Thoughts On Thrift Stores In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thrift shopping in Tulsa is underrated.

Sure you can tuck into some fine Southern dining, but we’d suggest you first work up that appetite by scouring all the secondhand Tulsa stores.

If you’re not in town or just prefer to exercise your thumb, scroll through these online thrift stores for a thrilling fashion, furniture, or flamboyant find.

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