15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (2024)

LookMovie is a streaming site that offers countless movies and shows for free.

Users can watch what they want and bookmark movies and shows for later. However, LookMovie has ads, which can interfere with streaming unless you pay for a special 12-month membership.

Besides getting rid of ads, the premium LookMovie membership lets you stream your movies and shows from up to five devices and comes with an Android app, too. Additionally, the restrictions on quality are removed, allowing you to stream content up to 1080p.

But for most people, paying for all that may not be an option, so I’ll explore the best LookMovie alternatives. Furthermore, I’ll briefly discuss the criteria I used to compile this list to help you make the right choice.

So, If you’ve been hunting for a better LookMovie alternative, read this to the end to learn more.

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Best LookMovie Alternatives You Can Try

Here are the 15 best LookMovie alternatives that made the cut.

1. MoviesJoy

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I have been using MoviesJoy for a long time, and while it keeps getting slapped with DMCA notices, the mirror sites that pop up continue to serve long-term users like me very well.

But what I love about this LookMovie alternative is its simple design. The movies and shows are arranged in neat categories based on the genre or country. LookMovie doesn’t have a country option; it only displays the genres that can be accessed using the Categories button.

Furthermore, you can search your movies and shows through a reliable search function that auto-fills when you start typing in the name of the show or movie, just like in LookMovie. This makes searching easier.

MoviesJoy also offers an Android app like LookMovie, but you don’t need a premium membership to use it. Just download the APK and start streaming from your Android smartphone or tablet.

There were ads on MoviesJoy, but they were milder compared to LookMovie, and that’s an added advantage.

2. PutLocker

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (2)

PutLocker is a well-designed streaming platform with all kinds of movies and shows, with content neatly arranged on the homepage in the order of recency.

The content on this platform is updated daily, so the homepage is full of the latest movies and series in varying quality formats.

Another area where PutLocker surpasses LookMovie is how it provides detailed movie and TV show information. When you click on a movie, you can see the main cast members’ names, country of origin, official release date, duration, IMDb score, and a brief plot description.

The only thing LookMovie provides is a concise synopsis that barely tells you anything.

There are some aggressive ads on PutLocker, just like on LookMovie, but I took care of that with an adblocker extension on my Google Chrome browser.

Additionally, users can request a movie or a show for free if it’s not available on the platform; unlike LookMovie, where you must have a premium membership to make any requests.

The genres on PutLocker are also better than what LookMovie offers, and they even include sports and music.

3. BMovies

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (3)

What I liked most about BMovies is how you can see important movie information by simply hovering the cursor over the link.

You can see the IMDb score and the year the movie was released, with an option to favorite it for later. On LookMovie, you need to open the movie link first to see extra information or to add it to your favorites.

Another thing that makes BMovies better than LookMovie is its rich collection of old movies, the classic titles you won’t easily find elsewhere for free. Additionally, BMovies provides up to seven mirror links for each film or series. If one link fails, you can try six others. The most I saw on LookMovie was two server links.

I was also impressed by how mild the ads were on BMovies compared to LookMovie. Most movies I clicked on started playing immediately without being redirected to another browser tab.

4. 123Movies

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (4)

This is yet another popular streaming site that has been around for a very long time, evolving as time goes by to become a fan favorite for people who don’t mind playing through some ads.

Like LookMovie, the movies and shows are displayed from the most recent to make searching easier. This site also allows people to search for movies and shows based on genre or the latest releases.

But it goes further by creating a special list of the top IMDb movies and shows for those who care a lot about ratings when consuming entertainment content. LookMovie only displays the IMDb ratings on films and shows but doesn’t provide a curated list of the top IMDb content like 123Movies.

This platform also provides users with essential information like genre, the names of the directors and cast, movie duration, and release date.

5. Movie4U

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (5)

Movie4U is a little different from the rest. It’s one of the few options on this list that opted for a white background, which was beautiful. I just wish there was a dark theme option.

This platform takes a different approach from LookMovie when searching for movies and shows. There’s a top bar with the complete letters of the alphabet that you can tap on to open films and TV in alphabetical order.

This is a very innovative way of browsing movies if you have nothing particular in mind. It still provides a search function and different categories based on genre and release year.

The site also offers essential information on movies and shows that are more detailed than LookMovie. It even provides a trailer you can watch without getting redirected to YouTube, just like LookMovie.

The ads are less aggressive on Movie4U than on LookMovie; there’s no need to pay for a premium plan to eliminate ads; a simple ad blocker will block most of them.

6. WatchFree

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (6)

Next on our list is WatchFree TV which has a cleaner interface than LookMovie.

I tried watching the new Extraction movie, and although I ran into a few ads, they weren’t as bad as LookMovie or the other sites I’ve covered. WatchFree also allows you to watch a movie trailer without being redirected so you can decide if the movie or TV show is worth your time.

Like LookMovie, you’re provided with basic details of the movie or show, things like the plot, the year and month of release, genre, country, and duration, as well as a brief look at the main cast.

When you scroll further down, you’re met with a list of similar movies in case you’d be interested in watching them. There’s a functional search button, and you can also choose to watch top-rated IMDb movies and shows if you don’t fancy scrolling through the entire library.

Compared to LookMovie, the streaming quality on WatchFree TV is better, with some movies coming in 4K.

7. Plex

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (7)

Plex is better organized than LookMovie in terms of the user interface and how content is presented. It even offers Android, iOS, and Roku apps, which is more than what LookMovie has.

You can search for the specific movie or TV show you want or save time by taking advantage of the many categories available on the platform. Furthermore, Plex has a section for live TV and music, something you can’t find even on the premium version of LookMovie.

However, like LookMovie, you need to create a Plex account to access some features without restrictions, and that can be a little inconvenient for people who don’t want to provide their personal information.

A premium version called Plex Pass costs $4.99 monthly and has many extra features that make your streaming easier and more seamless.

Explore the best Plex alternatives for Mac in this post.

8. SolarMovie

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (8)

SolarMovie has one of the most straightforward user interfaces, giving it a professional look. Unlike LookMovie, the ads are less intrusive here, and once you go past one, streaming is smooth to the end.

When you open the homepage, you’re met with a list of all the latest movies and TV shows, all labeled HD, TS, or CAM, to inform you of the quality to expect.

But unlike LookMovie, when you hover over a movie title on SolarMovie, you can see a brief description of the synopsis, the rating, duration, and the year it was released. I found that very convenient.

I opened the new Spider-Man movie, and it started playing immediately without redirecting me to another ad page. Users can also change the page theme from light to dark, which is necessary if you want to enjoy streaming without straining your eyes.

You also get to choose between two to three servers for streaming, just in case one fails to work. SolarMovies even offers news, unlike LookMovie, which only focuses on movies and TV shows.

9. JustWatch

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (9)

JustWatch is more of an aggregator site with an all-black interface that I love on streaming sites. But what differentiates it from LookMovie is how it focuses predominantly on Asian content, especially Bollywood movies.

Whenever I want to watch all my favorite Bollywood oldies like The Three Idiots, JustWatch is where you’ll find me. But at the same time, it also features movies and shows from other parts of the world. So you can find practically anything you need.

On top of this, JustWatch is one of the few options that offer up to 4K content, but there’s a catch: you need to create an account to access all of this content. Still, this makes it better than LookMovie because it offers unique content, like sports, on top of regular programming.

However, you’ll need active subscriptions for premium sites like Netflix for some of the content on JustWatch.

Find out more platforms like JustWatch here.

10. AZMovies

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (10)

AZMovies is a very colorful site, and it hosts a library of amazing movies, most of them from indie production houses. This is the platform you use to break away from the generic films and TV shows on LookMovie.

The streaming quality is crisper than LookMovie, which is very impressive for a site that doesn’t charge you anything. The best part is that you don’t have to open an account to access its HD content.

The navigation features are also pretty well developed. You can look up movies and shows based on the genre, year, or featured movies and shows. I also noticed that AZMovies has a rich library of classic old movies, so you should check that out if you can’t find them on LookMovie.

11. AnimePahe

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (11)

There was no way I would compile a list of the best LookMovie alternatives without throwing in one exclusively dealing with anime. If you can’t find your favorite anime titles on LookMovie, then AnimePahe is your best bet.

The site has a straightforward structure; all the latest anime are displayed on the homepage with the exact number of released episodes shown. Unlike LookMovie, which may have a few popular anime movies and shows, AnimePahe mainly focuses on anime and has a more extensive library.

There’s a search function, but it only works when you search the original Japanese names of anime titles. If you type in English names, nothing shows up, and as someone who hates dubs, AnimePahe is close to my heart.

Each anime has a detailed plot explanation, number of episodes aired, date of release, theme, studio behind it, and duration. Furthermore, you can get similar anime if you want to watch something closely related.

12. Stremio

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (12)

While LookMovie only offers an Android app, Stremio breaks that mold and provides different apps for various platforms, giving people more flexible options than LookMovie.

I use macOS, and the compatible Stremio version is one of the most beautiful streaming apps I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to imagine that it’s free when you weigh the features it offers against LookMovie.

The only issue I had with this app is that you have to log in first to use it, but it makes things easier by providing a Facebook login which is ideal for people who hate typing emails and passwords.

Stremio also has a bigger movie and TV show library than LookMovie, and it provides high-quality formats of all the latest movies once their theatrical releases end. The best you can get on LookMovie is camera copies, and you have to wait for months for the cleaner copies to come through.

If you’re a macOS user, I highly recommend this fantastic platform, as it has no ads.

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13. Vumoo

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (13)

Vumoo is another fantastic platform for old movies and TV shows mixed up and well-balanced with some of the most popular releases today. I didn’t experience any ads when opening some films and shows, making it better than LookMovie.

The descriptions displayed under movies and shows are more detailed than LookMovie. I was happy to see a detailed movie plot, giving me a sneak peek of what to expect.

However, unlike LookMovie, it has minimal search options. You can’t look up movies and shows based on genre, year, or country. All you get are direct links for movies and TV series.

But the site makes up for that with high-quality content up to 4K and is packed with a better collection of old movies than LookMovie.

14. Primewire

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (14)

Primewire is another fantastic platform that allowed me to watch the latest episode of Silo without any buffering issues. The site is well organized, with all the latest movies and TV shows from different streaming platforms.

You can look up the TV show or movie you want using the search button or check out the categories by genre, release year, country, top watched, or last added. This is more than what LookMovie offers.

However, like LookMovie, it’s not entirely free. If you want to get rid of annoying pop-up ads or be able to stream in 720p, 1080p, or 2160p, you’ll have to buy a premium subscription.

The paid option also makes it easy to access adult video content, subtitles, reliable streaming servers, and the opportunity to create a watch list. So you get more here than what the LookMovie premium membership gives you.

Pricing plans range from $7 per month to $65 per year.

15. YouTube

15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (15)

Yes, YouTube has tons of free movies and TV shows, and you’re not limited to a few devices like LookMovie because YouTube has apps for all platforms.

It’s hard to find any new releases here, but that’s a small price to pay when you consider how easy it is to control ads on YouTube. All you need is a reliable ad blocker extension and every ad is suppressed.

The search function on YouTube is also more advanced than LookMovie. To find the movie you want, simply type in the title, then choose one from the many search results you’ll be shown.

You also get multiple results for one search, unlike on LookMovie, where only one version of a movie or TV show is available. Multiple user accounts can upload the same movie or show, and that’s a level of choice you won’t find on LookMovie.

Another thing that makes YouTube an excellent option is that you can stream from 360p to 4K, depending on your internet speed. It’s also free of charge with no limits on the number of devices you can stream from simultaneously.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best LookMovie Alternatives

So how did I choose these movie and TV show streaming sites from the many I sampled? Here are the criteria I used.

Global Availability

Not all streaming sites are available everywhere; some are geo-restricted, so I limited my search to LookMovie alternatives that can be accessed anywhere in the world.


While premium options are generally better for fewer ads and having better features, someone who is looking for a LookMovie alternative wouldn’t be here if they could afford, let’s say, an Apple TV subscription.

So I based my search on free sites that had the fewest ads. The premium ones that made the list, like Primewire, at least offered a free version that was functional on some level.

Ease of Use

LookMovie is pretty straightforward, with a well-structured process of searching for any content you want.

Therefore, the alternatives had to offer more than this, and this is why we have options like MoviesJoy that go a step further by providing categories that make it easy to locate the exact movie or TV show you want.

Content Library

Finally, the size of the movie and series library was another critical factor. Some options, like AZMovies, offer Bollywood content, while AnimePahe offers anime. By providing various alternatives that cover all the bases, choosing suitable options is much easier for people who want a bit of everything.

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Wrapping Up

So there you have it—the complete list of the best LookMovie alternatives worth checking out.

If aggressive ads and the need to sign up to unlock features on LookMovie isn’t your cup of tea, then consider alternatives like MoviesJoy for its simplicity or YouTube for flexible choices.

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15 Best LookMovie Alternatives 2024 (2024)
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