12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (2024)

We’ve all been there: the picked over thrift shop, the stuffy antique store, or absurdly overpriced Goodwill (I mean, seriously). Given how popular thrifting has become in recent years, the dream of thrifting a one-of-a-kind find for $3.99 rarely becomes reality anymore. But there’s still plenty of treasure to be discovered in Tulsa. No matter what you’re looking for, Tulsa has many thrift and antique stores that will quickly have you falling in love with the local thrift scene.

Table of Contents

  1. Top 12 Thrift Stores in Tulsa

  2. Honorable Mentions

  3. Estate Sales and Other Secondhand Options in Tulsa

Top 12 Thrift Stores

#1 Love Me Two Times

  • Best for: Vintage, Treasure Hunting, Decor, Books

  • Neighborhood: Florence Park (Midtown)

  • Price: −$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (1)

Welcome to the coolest and most eclectic vintage mall in town! The moment you step through the doors, Love Me Two Times transports you back in time to a vintage world of wonder. It’s probably a little haunted, but that’s okay! The playlist of disco and Motown deep cuts will keep you tapping your toes as you peruse the myriad vintage gems.

They primarily stock items from before the 2000s and the vendors make an effort to keep their vintage rotations fresh. Think groovy 70s coats, ornate brass decor— I’ve even seen vintage pin-up cards and Chinese apothecary cabinets. Fun! For my birthday last year, my friend and I transformed my entire house into a Roarin’ Twenties speakeasy decked out with vintage decor from Love Me Two Times. The best treasure we found: a crystal whiskey decanter that rocks back and forth for $7.

It’s not the place to come for uber cheap finds, but the prices are reasonable, and you can find some truly special pieces here. Every visit to Love Me Two Times has me grinning before I even enter the store and I always leave with an armful of goodies.

#2 Animal AID Of Tulsa Thrift Store

  • Best For: Kitchenware, Home Goods, Decor

  • Neighborhood: Midtown

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (2)

Animal AID Of Tulsa Thrift Store is just what a thrift store should be: packed full of eclectic treasures that beckon you to explore, but still small enough to feel manageable. You can spend 30 minutes here and be satisfied. On my last visit, I bought a unique and colorful painting for $10, a crystal dish to hold my jewelry for $2, and a copy of The Hobbit for $1. Not too shabby! I was particularly impressed by the kitchenware section. This is your place if you need a cast iron or other variety of pans, casserole dishes, or a breadmaker. They also stock jewelry, clothing, sporting goods, and furniture. The very friendly staff stocks new items each day. The best part? When you shop here, you support animal welfare in Tulsa!

#3 River City Trading Post

  • Best For: Vintage, Treasure Hunting

  • Neighborhood: Jenks

  • Price: $-$$$

Put on your explorer hat and head down to the ultimate treasure hunting trove in Tulsa. River City Trading Post is a former grocery store turned spectacularly enormous vintage mall featuring over 300 independent sellers’ booths. It offers a unique shopping experience and has something for everyone: art, oddities, furniture, antiques, uniques, tchotchkes. So many Jesus and Santa Claus collectibles. Go figure(s). Due to its size, I recommend putting on some good walking shoes to spend at least two hours exploring.

Pro tip: Pay attention to the price tags! Two vendors might have that same collectible Archie lunchbox or Smeg toaster, but at very different prices. There are treasures and unique finds galore, but there is also plenty of stuff that you’ll want to pass on (including some strange and creepy items). Technically, River City Trading Post is in Jenks, not Tulsa proper, but it’s such an experience I had to include it on this list! Jenks is well-known for its numerous antique shops, so you can explore the neighborhood’s treasure troves all day and then stop for a hearty lunch break at BurnCo a few blocks away.

As their website says, this is “where treasure finds you.” And as I say: who doesn’t need a golden bird cage?

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#4 Uptown Cheapskate

  • Best For: Women’s Clothing, Accessories

  • Neighborhood: Southern Plaza (South Tulsa)

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (4)

Need a quick brunch outfit? A comfy sweater for that autumn camping trip? How about athletic wear for your New Year’s gym resolutions? If so, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Uptown Cheapskate. In addition to being the go-to-spot for finding trendy clothes and accessories for young (and not-so-young) adults, this place is a consignment-style shop that will buy gently used clothes, accessories, and shoes for cash or store credit. So if you find yourself in the position of having a closet that’s too full and a wallet that’s…well…too empty, pack up your goods and bring them to Uptown to sell for cash. Or if you’re not too pressed for cash, get a better deal and exchange the clothes for store credit. This national chain store stocks young women’s clothing and shoes, but there’s a decent men’s section as well. Dressing rooms can fill up quickly on a Saturday, so go early to beat the crowds.

#5 Vintage Vault

  • Best For: Authentic MCM Furniture

  • Neighborhood: Renaissance (Midtown)

  • Price:

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (5)

Vintage Vault’s prices are not for the faint of heart, but this is where you will find some of the highest quality Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture in town. Vintage Vault’s well-curated collection includes bookcases, credenzas, dressers, and chairs from around the world. I guarantee that any of these pieces will add an upscale boost to your home for years to come. Their stock is so good that buyers will drive from out of state to purchase the perfect sofa or bar setup here. Sellers report good experiences consigning with Vintage Vault, so if you have some authentic MCM furniture you’re ready to rehome, consider consigning with them. The store has very limited hours and may only be open on Fridays. If you’d rather make an appointment to view furniture, reach out to Scott before heading over.

#6 Quality Thrift

  • Best For: Traditional Thrifting Vibe, Home Goods, Clothing

  • Neighborhood: South Tulsa

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (6)

From cardigans to wedding dresses, Quality Thrift has it all when it comes to good old-fashioned thrift shopping. It’s like Goodwill, but…good. They have a huge selection of clothes, home goods, decor, shoes, and books for you to browse. I have an enormous framed painting from Quality Thrift mounted on the wall in my living room and it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. Spoiler: it was a steal. They used to be a little bit more affordable and a few items have higher price tags than I personally think they should, but this is offset by their regular deals days: 50% off Sundays, 99 cent Mondays, and so on. Roll up your sleeves and go exploring through the racks for those one-of-a-kind finds. You know the ones: the stylish tapered velvet jacket, or the patterned 90s slacks. The finds you won’t stumble upon at the super trendy reseller stores like Uptown Cheapskate.

#7 Red's Mercantile

  • Best For: Vintage + Treasure Hunting

  • Neighborhood: Jenks

  • Price: $$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (7)

Red’s Mercantile is a tidy vintage mall in Jenks (I know, I know) featuring a range of vintage, farmhouse, and trendy wares. Think dainty mismatching teacups, farmhouse furniture, hand-drawn posters, well-priced paintings in huge ornate frames, cans of paints, practical stuff like utility carts, and quirky items like vintage popcorn machines or old-fashioned punch bowls. Red’s has about 30 sellers and the ladies who work there are super sweet and friendly. While I’m not the biggest fan of farmhouse style furniture and home goods, I think their selections are enticing and of good quality. Plus, they’ll arrange delivery. I stop in here whenever I’m in Jenks, because I almost always find something I like. If nothing else, I have to stop myself from buying multiple teacups because they’re that darn cute.

#8 Forty Year Vintage

  • Best For: Furniture, Home Goods, Clothing

  • Neighborhood: Fair Heights (Midtown)

  • Price: −$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (8)

Forty Year Vintage is another mid-century modern gem tucked right along the heart of Route 66. This is a small store but it’s packed to the gills with beautifully preserved furniture and decor. Shopping here feels a bit like attending a rummage sale of your tasteful grandmother’s estate in that there are odd, unique items that you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re not quick, someone will snap up those glass shelves or that ornate, handmade chair you needed more time to consider. If you’re looking to furnish your home with solid, well-made furniture that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend Forty Year Vintage.

#9 Re-Store Jenks

  • Best For: Furniture, Home Improvement Goods

  • Neighborhood: Jenks

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (9)

ReStore Jenks is the dream for DIY enthusiasts. When it comes to furniture, construction goods, or just general home improvement stuff, you can always find a great bargain at ReStore Jenks. The store offers a wide variety of both new and recycled items for home projects and renovations at a fraction of retail prices. The furniture here is always affordable and good in a pinch, but sometimes you’ll find high-quality antiques that just need a little elbow grease and TLC to stand out as a statement piece in your home. ReStore Tulsa may carry higher quality goods, but ReStore Jenks does better on prices (and sometimes sells the same construction goods for less!). Bonus either way: the proceeds benefit The Green Country Habitat for Humanity.

#10 Plato’s Closet

  • Best For: Casual Clothing, Accessories, Teens and Young 20s Fashion

  • Neighborhood: Broken Arrow

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (10)

Plato’s Closet buys and sells gently-used name brand clothing, letting you make a little cash on those Urban Outfitter dresses you haven’t worn since college. The styles and brands skew young, so, as I find myself on the better side of 30, I shop here sparingly and mostly for basics like athletic clothes or the occasional pair of cheap jeans from familiar brands. The shoe selection isn’t much to write home about, since it mostly features Target shoes, but Plato’s Closet has a huge selection of women’s clothes and a decent men’s selection too. Queue up a podcast and disappear into the densely packed racks. If you like familiar brand name finds for cheap prices, this is your spot.

For sellers: I personally don’t recommend selling your clothes at Plato’s Closet. There’s always a crazy-long wait and the resale value isn’t worth it (typically $2-5 per item). Many have reported poor selling experiences on Google Reviews, especially women selling plus-size clothing.

#11 Gardner’s Used Books & Music

  • Best For: Books, DVDs, Vinyl Records

  • Neighborhood: East Tulsa

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (11)

Forget the library, book lovers, and come down to the largest used bookstore in Oklahoma! Gardner’s stocks such an impressive collection of books, DVDs, comics, and vinyl records, that you can spend a good chunk of time getting lost in this store. They also buy and trade those previously mentioned items, so dust off your records, girl, and bring them to Gardner’s. Fair warning: about half of the store is Christian fiction and romance. If that’s your jam, you’ll be in heaven (pun intended).

#12 Re-Store Rack

  • Best For: Clothing, Household Appliances, Traditional Thrifting Vibe

  • Neighborhood: Midtown

  • Price: $-$$

12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (12)

Re-Store Rack sells gently-used clothing and home goods with fantastic prices. Like any traditional thrifting experience, you get to roll up your sleeves and dig through the many racks. They also have a small furniture selection, household appliances and medium-to-large area rugs. While I like this store, and stop by when I’m in the neighborhood, it can be hit or miss. I’ve walked out without buying anything before, and other times I’ve been over the moon with my purchases. Need some casual button-ups, crystal glasses for a dinner party, or an unopened ice cream maker? Re-Store Rack is your spot.

Honorable Mentions

Turning Point: a fun and surprisingly well-stocked thrift store to peruse. Full of antique-style home goods, decor, DVDs, and books. Come here for your last-minute Christmas decorations.

Jade’s Antique Treasures: an antique treasure trove buried deep in Broken Arrow. This store is full of independent sellers’ booths featuring top-tier vintage and farmhouse goods to explore.

Salvation Army on 71st: this particular branch is clean and large and stocked with all the thrifting goods you picture when you think “Salvation Army.”I’ve heard that prices have gone up over the years, but the whole reason this place makes the honorable mentions list is 50%-Off Wednesdays! I have friends and acquaintances who swear by this store and recommend it to those who are on tight budgets.

Additional Thrifting & Secondhand Options in Tulsa

Estate Sales

Estate sales in Tulsa are no dull affair. Hop on the email list for local estate sale companies like Estate Sales by Allen, Estate Sales by Lottie, and I Heart Estate Sales to be the first in-the-know for the biggest upcoming estate sales in town. The first Tulsa estate sale I attended was in the wealthy neighborhood of Mapleridge and featured a throne, designer gowns, and paintings that looked like they belonged on the walls of The Prado Museum.

Facebook Marketplace

If you have patience or time, Tulsa’s Facebook Marketplace can be your greatest resource for finding furniture, decor, kitchenware, and more. I’m proud to say that a good chunk of the furniture in my house was thrifted from Facebook Marketplace. I checked it daily for weeks until I saw the perfect vintage dining room table and chairs: sturdy solid wood, nearly 40 years old, and only $100 for the lot. It was a bargain I still can’t believe I scored. The table has hosted many friend and family dinners since I bought it. Even when you don’t find what you’re looking for, there’s always something good available.

Buy Nothing Groups

Facebook has a number of Buy Nothing groups in Tulsa in which people offer up goods for free in an effort to break from wasteful consumerism and ease the burden of neighbors going through tough times. Request to join the one in your neighborhood (you’re only “allowed” to join one) and begin offering up items you no longer use or ask the group for what you need. Things get snapped up faster than you can blink, so be quick on the draw.

Thrifting Guide

My all-encompassing Tulsa thrifting guide and Google map are on the way so check back for updates!

Any places I’m missing that I should add to the list? Drop it in the comments!

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12 Thrift & Vintage Stores In Tulsa You Must Visit (2024)
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